Welcome to my webpage!

I'm a postdoctoral researcher with the Center for STEM Learning and the Physics Education Research group at the University of Colorado Boulder. My work at CU focuses on community and cultural change as mechanisms for improving undergraduate education in STEM departments.

Before coming to CU, I earned a bachelor’s degree in physics from MIT and a Ph.D. in physics from UC Berkeley. As a member of the Whaley group at Berkeley, I studied ultracold atomic gases using quantum Monte Carlo simulation techniques with the Whaley group. While at Berkeley, I also co-founded the Berkeley Compass Project, a student-run organization that combines community and better pedagogy to support underrepresented students in physics. Compass was instrumental in my transition from traditional physics research to STEM education research.

You can contact me at joel.-dontcopythis-corbo@colorado-dontcopythiseither.edu. You can also take a look at my CV.